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Huabo strives to maintain high quality in design and production and to continuously solve specific problems in customer use. We will continue to provide more services in the future. From our selection of private label brands to our superior back-end support, we set a new benchmark in the industry. This adds instant advantage and appeal to the hair styling tools you sell. So, as our business partner, you can enjoy many advantages.


Huabo’s quality management system covers quality verification, IQC, in-process inspection, OQC and full inspection before delivery of the finished product, which means that all products from our factory are inspected 5 times before they reach your stores, warehouses and customers.


For usuelly takes 7-15 days to make cus- tomized samples based on different designs.We could also provide free samples,and you only need to pay the shipping cost.The sample will be shipping by the international express that takes about 4-6 days shipping.shipping option DHL/UPS/FEDEX


From one business to another, we understand how important profit margins are. So, we price our custom items relatively lower. Comparing with similar suppliers, you can get the richest profit space if purchasing items from us that enabling you with more opportunities to cut higher profit and grow your establishment. we are very friendly to buyers of small batches


We have reached cooperation with major logistic companies like UPS/FEDEX/TNT/DHL… Its cheaper than you order by yourself. Also if your quantity is big and need to send by sea, we will provide the service during the all process, we already agreed with shipping company in a good price for you.

Design Team

We have a design team of 12 people, some of them are good at textile material research, some are good at style design, and some are good at knitting programming. They are the technical core of the company, and everyone in them is incredibly talented. Fifteen years ago, our design team consisted of only 2 fresh graduates. With the development of the company, the team gradually expanded. Now our design team is more and more experienced, stronger and stronger, and more and more products are researched and developed. So far, we have obtained more than 10 national patents and become a leader in the sportswear industry.

For the starters, you get access to our product catalogs. Regardless of which segment you’re planning to target, we have the right custom and wholesale to fit their (and your) requirements. Moreover, we offer extensive customization options. So, you can always personalize your bulk that suits your business goals.

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Quality inspection team

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