Silk Cold Mat

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In 2018, the company found through market research that the original bamboo mats feel cold under the air conditioner in summer, which is not good for the body, especially for the elderly or young children. The polyester fiber ice silk mats that are popular in the market feel uncomfortable. So, we started to develop “silk mat”, how to improve the cool feeling? How to wash? Flatness after washing? Shrinkage control? The most comfortable thickness? These problems need to be solved one by one in the process of trying new ones. Through continuous investment in research and development, we tried again and again, adjusted and adjusted again, and officially confirmed the product “three-piece silk soft mat set” in 2020 through continuous trial feedback. and put into production to start sales. At the same time, it applied for and passed the patent product and the Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievement Award, and participated in the drafting of the industry standard for silk mats.